Fight or Flight

Victory -vs- defeat, encouragement -vs-negativity, challenges -vs- obstacles, gains -vs- losses, goals -vs- fear, acceptance -vs- rejection, joy -vs- pain, health -vs- sickness, hope -vs- hopelessness—sound familiar? They should, they come with the peaks and valleys called life and we all experience them.

As I travel on this journey of following God’s premise I have stood in triumph on Mount Everest and crawled in despair through Death Valley. The most important lesson I am learning is that God cares about how we handle the ups and downs. Do we praise Him when we are up? Do we praise Him when we are down? I am committing myself to do both.

Even when the darkest shadows are on our lives, God is still in control. I take comfort from what is written in Jeremiah 28:11, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” This was originally declared as a promise to the Israelites from the Babylonian Exile, but since God’s promises are eternal to all that put their trust in Him; it is an open-ended source of comfort and confidence.

This website is an element of a project I am reinvigorated to accomplish. It is called 7PREMISE; I will explore seven dimensions of life through the viewpoint humans have as compared to God’s plan as given in the Bible. Those things I listed in the beginning…I’ll admit the ones that are not very positive have been holding me back. Even as I’ve worked to start this website an unexpected injury literally and figuratively put me on my backside but gave me time to think and more importantly pray. That tells me I might be on the right track of pleasing and honoring God since someone lesser than Him is trying to sabotage this effort.

As for me, I’m committing to putting on the whole armor and fighting for what I know is Truth. I ask you to join me as I take on this new beginning.

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