Let’s Celebrate!

This past weekend was Mother’s Day; there were weddings; it was people’s birthdays; students graduated; there were a multitude of celebrations in families and that is always great!

Our household was particularly blessed to have all three of our children, daughter- and sons-in-law, and grandson in the same place, at the same time. It’s a rarity because their success and service to others geographically dictates separation and we do not get to reunion often—while that is difficult, it is a blessing and as the dad and grandpa I am very proud of all of them!

We gathered and other family and friends joined us at numerous celebrations—it was indeed a wonderful weekend! We gathered to celebrate being together but also specifically to celebrate someone we haven’t met yet—oh, we know him— we have seen pictures of him—some have felt him do a high-kick or a low-punch. The one commonality is all who gathered to celebrate, loves him. We gathered to celebrate my grandson, Tristan, who is due in late July and will get a whole lot more love and attention! We also gathered to celebrate his mother and father for being willing to bring a new, precious life into our lives.

As I reflect on that time of celebrating I turned to the book of Romans. In Romans 12:9-21 Paul writes about what love in action looks like (I encourage you to get your Bible and read the entire passage). But a short verse jumped out at me and summarized the celebration we experienced. Verse 15 starts out, “Rejoice with those who rejoice.” The Greek word for “rejoice” is found 647 times in the New Testament, which tells me it is very important to God—therefore it should be important to us!

But I am reminded that the rejoicing God cares about does not end after the party. He wants us to rejoice in and with others all the time…He wants us to rejoice in Him continually! How nice that the Creator of the Universe invites us to be in celebration every second on our lives. The question to us is…are we?

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