The Wait is Over…the Waiting Begins!

Driving on an empty road to the sun

This week we had the blessing and joy of welcoming a new family member—our grandson Tristan! I am so proud of how my daughter and son-in-law composed themselves throughout this wonderful, yet often stressful, uncertain time. The emotions for all were truly on a rollercoaster, there were concerns, frustrations, annoyances, celebration, and a lot of love!

I had a moment that morning in the waiting area. As I was pacing (yes, literally) I looked up at the television and there was commercial (I think it might have been for some kind of insurance company but can’t be sure). Anyway, this commercial showed a baby girl being held by her dad, then it progressed through life events: taking off the training wheels, the first day of school, getting a drivers’ license, graduation, going to a job, going to college, getting married, having a baby, enjoying her life, beautifully singing at her dad’s funeral. Now in full disclosure, those might not be the exact events depicted in the commercial, but they were the ones in my head as I had a “high-light reel” going from the past nearly 30 years! My baby was just a couple hundred feet away getting ready to have her baby and there was nothing I could do for her! Except pray of course.

So yes, a healthy and precious baby was born this week—that wait is over! But for all who love him, the waiting begins. What will be his personality? What will be his talents? What will be his desires? How will those who love him help him achieve his dreams?

There is a certain Scripture that I often turn to when I am confused or impatient. It is Proverbs 3:5-6 which says, “Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make straight your paths.” This is something I would have liked to have gotten right earlier in life—I might have avoided some scars, but again that is my own understanding. It is something I desire to teach my grandchildren because I love them so much and want them to have straight paths.

However, we must remember that even straight paths have dips in them, they have potholes in them, we might have to share it with someone we do not particularly like, and it’s even been known for a storm to pop up over the straightest of paths!

We cannot predict the future so yes, the waiting begins. But the first part of this Proverb tells us to “Trust in the LORD with all your heart” so that is where I stand firm in anticipating the future in all my ways and particularly in seeing the future of a baby boy who I got to meet this week.

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