Through His Eyes

Recently I have had the joy of spending some time with my newest grandson.  It has been many years since I was responsible for such a little one for any extended time. While the necessities of caring for an infant came back pretty quickly, i.e., feeding, cuddling, changing diapers (still don’t like that one) I had forgotten the magic there is in just observing a baby!

What is particularly amazing to me is his reaction when he sees something. His beautiful blue eyes open wide, he sometimes smiles, and almost always makes some kind of reactionary sound. At least for now, I assume these reactions are because he is seeing something for the first time…something he likes or interests him. His reaction also convicts me; because I know he is also watching me. Does what he see from me make him wide-eyed, with a smile, and a sound of approval?

Parents especially, but others who are part of a child’s early years, are under the microscope. What they see and hear from us impacts their lives and contributes greatly to who they become. Now I am going to reveal a secret that has been long kept. So, hear this parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, friend, teacher, and all others who are involved in a child’s life…none of us are perfect! Children are going to see and hear things that we would like to have an “undo” button to click on. I believe the key is how we react to our “less than perfect moments” before the child.

Consider if we can get an understanding of how God sees us is how a child sees us. Job 34:21 says, “For His eyes are upon the ways of a man, And He sees all his steps.” Job’s faith was tested, he was given bad advice from friends, and eventually he was blessed greatly because of his faith and reaction to his trials and tribulations. All the while he was being watched by God and presumably the people around him—including children. Who did not give him bad advice?—God and children. Who did not throw him away as a lost cause?—God and children. Who gave him a loving look through their eyes?—God and children.

God and babies love us; they both look at our steps, our actions, our words, our attitudes, our reactions. Our responsibility is to love and serve both and live a life worthy of the love they offer. My goal is to get bright eyes, a huge smile, and an “I love you” from both of them in every step I take!

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