Sick and Tired

The on-line slang dictionary says the meaning of the phrase “sick and tired” is “extremely annoyed due to repeated experience”.

Giving of our time and resources to others are certainly biblical teachings and values. I try to live by them, but sometimes forget the most important part of giving—my attitude. Maybe you are exempt, but sometimes I feel “sick and tired” of giving and serving.

But God being God, reminds me of why I should be healthy and energetic in giving!

I received a hand-written letter from a boy from Northern Ghana who I sponsor through World Vision. I recently wondered if I was really making a difference. This letter reminded me that it is not about me. He lives with his family in a remote village where they are peasant farmers, but he has the goal of becoming a medical doctor and thanked me for helping him realize that his goal is possible. God reminded me to not be “sick and tired”.

I took a walk around the neighborhood with my father-in-law. I have had the stomach flu for the last few days and he, at age 85, is often tired. It was a beautiful Spring afternoon and we had a great conversation and enjoyed watching the dog lead our journey. So, you could literally say “sick and tired” took a walk together and built upon a relationship. God reminded me to not be “sick and tired”.

These events make me reflect on the basic question of why God created us in the first place? Revelation 4:11 says, “You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they were created and have their being.”

God was not looking for a “caretaker” of His created earth. He did not create us to be His “friends”. He did not create us to keep Him “company”. Although, through faith we can fulfill all three of those objectives. God created us so that we could show His greatness and love through us. When I forget that, I start to believe it is all about me, but then am reminded that I am not worthy to receive any glory, honor, or power—I am just to try my best to display His.

Yes, I am sure I will continue to get sick and I know I will get tired—those are physical attributes of the human condition. But being “sick and tired” is an attitude I am committed to leaving behind.

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