Jerry Can Part 1

As an aspiring author I truly believe I need to challenge my boundaries every time I have the opportunity to expand my outlook on life. This Saturday I will be taking part in a 6K run (3.7 miles) in support of World Vision with the goal of providing clean, safe drinking water world-wide in the name of Jesus Christ.

I got involved with this organization last year, ran the Kansas City Half-Marathon as a fund-raiser, and decided to sponsor a child—his name is Osman. The more I have learned of this global situation the more it touches my heart. A lot of people, myself included, complain and have sympathy about the situations people are in, particularly when it is no fault of their own. Complaining and being sympathetic does the individual no good when they are thirsty or hungry, if we do not provide them water and food. Believe me, 12-year-old Osman does not choose to walk 6K everyday just do get water that will not kill him.

I know I cannot change the world, but I can change a life. Osman is not only drinking safe water now, he is learning about the Living Water—Jesus Christ (John 7:37-39).

Back to this Saturday. I signed up and did some fund raising for the 6K. Well it must be pleasing to God because Satan has tried to strike me down with one physical aliment after the other, thus messing with my training plan! But I pressed on, conceding my race time will not be something I will be particularly pleased with, but knowing the goal was to just finish and remain focused on the mission.

And then it happened! Our team captain sent an email asking for a couple volunteers to add to their race challenge by carrying a water-filled Jerry Can during the race. A Jerry Can is what these people use to get their water and when full it weighs more than 40 pounds. At first, I chuckled at the request thinking I just want to finish the race—God had a different plan! The request weighed on my heart throughout the day and God convicted me with Isaiah 6:8 “Then I heard the voice of the LORD saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

I have only deeply contemplated that Scripture twice in my life; when I became an ordained minister and now. So, I am convinced God means it and will give the provisions for me to fulfill His will even when I do not understand it.

Saturday I will be traveling 6K with a Jerry Can along with a picture of 11-year-old boy named Tariku from Ethiopia on my race bib and the confidence that God does not send us into something that does not honor and glorify Him.

There is still time for you to put your Jerry Can on your shoulder and support this cause. If you can, please go to the below link—any amount would be greatly appreciated. God bless

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