The Invisible Door

Earlier this week I had the joy of spending some time with my almost 10-month old grandson, Tristan. He is a very observant and curious boy and wanted to look out the front door. As I held him, he reached out his hands and touched the glass door. There was a look of amazement in his eyes as he continued to investigate this invisible phenomenon. He was touching something solid but could not see it. He could see the outside world but could not experience it. He could see the power of the wind blowing the trees but could not feel it. He looked to me a few times with a “how does that work Grandpa?” question. About all I could think of is that I know glass is a combination of sand, lime, and soda and requires lots of heat. Other than that, I don’t have an answer, but I do know glass is real, it has a purpose, and it works.

In my faith journey I find myself at times asking the questions of “God are You even there?” and “God why are You allowing this?”. These questions typically come up when I am struggling with or cannot understand something going on. I lean on the words of Jesus in Hebrews 13:5, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”, but I still struggle in my journey. Just as Tristan did with the glass; sometimes I do not see God, I do not experience God, and I do not feel God.

Tristan, being a very smart boy (yes, I’m a bragging Grandpa when it comes to my two grandsons) had a plan. He left a marker on the invisible door, his fingerprints. So, when we went back, he had a point of reference to what he was seeking to see, experience, and feel. The second visit to the invisible door was much different than the first. He saw his fingerprints and deducted what was going on. He was no longer occupied with trying to figure out the invisible force but rather enjoyed seeing what was happening beyond it. He belly-laughed watching two squirrels chasing each other, marveled at a hummingbird going to our feeder, and enjoyed the nice spring breeze when I opened the invisible door.

When it comes to our faith, we can leave a marker to help when we have doubts, are confused, and are struggling—it’s called Scripture. One such marker for me is Hebrews 11:1 which reminds me, “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” When I seek the invisible God, I clearly see Him. I see Him through other people. I see Him in His created nature. I can touch Him, experience Him, and feel His presence. I encourage you to find some Scriptures that being you in closer relationship with the Father—it will change your life!

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