But God

It is amazing and reassuring how many transitional words are in the Bible. Some examples are “then”, “but”, and “however”. The commonality I am focusing on are the passages where something was happening to a person or a group of people that was usually not very good, but then God’s Word takes us from that situation to a situation of hope and promise. This hope and promise come from faith and obedience!

Over the past month I was facing the possibility of being diagnosed with cancer. The original diagnosis concerned my doctor, so he referred me to a specialist and my understanding was that the appointment was for a biopsy. I confess that me being me I overthought the situation and while not panicked I was distracted not only by the impending procedure but what to do if the results were not positive. Apparently, there was some misunderstanding on the purpose of the referral visit as it turned out it was for further examinations and tests to see if the specialist felt a biopsy was needed. I praise God and thank Him that the second visit determined me to be very low risk and no biopsy was necessary.

However, the experience gave me a different perspective because this was nothing like I had ever faced. I had a myriad of emotions and thoughts, finding comfort in prayer and talking with some people very close to me who I confided with. I am thankful for a great medical team, but I serve an even greater God! Did I have cancer and God took it away? I do not know; but I know He can. Did God place this experience before me to give me insight and empathy towards others who are inflicted? I do not know; but I know He can.

I am seeking what God wants me to do with this blessing and His deliverance—a second chance if you will. Do I do what I often do and thank Him and move on? Or do I take the lesson He showed me and use it to help others? At this stage all I really know is this…But God…When His Word states that He has a plan and I pray I can learn to listen and respond better.

Psalm 73:26 reads, “My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever”. Even in my weakness, “but God” steps in and is in control. I trust He is going to use this experience for His glory and purpose, despite my over-analysis. I believe we need to examine all aspects of our lives and see where He is intervening and then honor our Creator through faith and obedience.

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