Garage Ball

Yesterday we had the blessing of having family members in our home for a Thanksgiving meal and a time for fellowship. It was a wonderful day and the fact that no one has reported having food poisoning is always a blessing!

I am the “chef” of the house when we host holidays; it is nice to give my wife a break and I love doing it and she always contributes even in ways she does not know. I enjoy the challenge of making sure each recipe is just right and the timing is spot-on. You can relate—you want your home to be as close to perfect when you have people over. Note to self…next time make more gravy!

The best part of being busy in kitchen was listening to the conversations and laughter throughout our home. The people here were people we love and enjoy time spent with them. A particularly wonderful part of this year is that both of our grandsons were here. So, being Grandpa, I of course arranged the first Garage Ball “Turkey Bowl”. If you have never played Garage Ball it is an interesting activity. There are virtually no rules, except the ones you make up and change during the game. It involves the activities of wiffleball, bowling, frisbee golf, soccer, scavenger hunting, dodge ball, lots of running and anything else a participant wants to add in. Scoring is at the discretion of the senior official (me). I give style points—Tristan got some for an awesome bat flip and Oliver did a headbutt to a wiffleball that was ESPN highlight worthy!

Garage Ball is quite literally chaos, it is a lot of fun, but it is chaos! To play it with my two grandsons is a memory I will never forget, but the fun of the game had to end; we had to get back to the “real world”. I am thankful that both these boys have loving parents who give structure to their lives and limit the amount of chaos in their lives, well as much as you can for 3-year and 16-month old boys.

Structure and security of consistency is important in our lives. Hebrews 13:8 states, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” I find great comfort in that as I grow in my relationship with Him. God does not change. He does not change the rules. I do not have to guess about what I am to do. The stakes are high; this is about our eternity so it is not the time to play Garage Ball and make up our own rules—it is all laid out in the Bible and will never change.

By the way, as the senior official I had to declare a victor in this very close and hard-fought match. Oliver got the nod with consideration that he did not have the benefit of training camp like Tristan. Tristan was very gracious with this decision but demands a rematch!

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